An innovative startup and Benefit Company founded in 2021 to support companies, from small artisans to SMEs, from third sector entities to associations and institutions to identify and implement strategies and sustainable and circular business models. It offers personalised training and consulting courses, supported by:

    • proprietary BeCircular© software for the qualitative analysis of the sustainability and circularity of the business

    • blockchain technology to certify and authenticate the social, ethical and environmental commitment of the business and value chain,
guaranteeing transparency, traceability and immutability of the data

It helps companies to enhance their sustainability and circularity data so as to be identified as authentic and reliable brands, avoiding falling into greenwashing.


The BeCircular© tool

The BeCircular© tool was born as a tool to understand where the sustainability and circularity of a business lies. It consists of two analysis paths:
In the Tour4Blue project, the BeCircular© Sustainability Assessment has been applied. The sustainability path starts from the analysis of SDG Compass an inventory of 1,553 business indicators, 197 business themes, 177 targets mapped against the 17 SDGs, carried out by GRIUN Global Compact and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). hanks to the mathematical model developed
in collaboration with the Department of Information Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Siena, BeCircular© is able to take into account the multiple connections and interactions that exist between the indicators and the SDGs. BeCircular© Sustainability Assessment was presented in 2021 at Ecomondo, International Expo of Green Technologies; subject to scientific publication (link) and two master’s theses.


Elisa Bologni

Degree in Communication Sciences. After a long experience in human resources in multinational companies and innovative SMEs, she embarked on a new career path by founding the Benefit Company and Innovative Startup Moebeus. She has further explored the themes of sustainability and circular economy, following and participating in projects and training courses funded by European projects such as "Innomed UP" and "STAND Up!"

Emiliano Sparacino

PhD in Information Engineering. 10 years of experience as Business Analyst and Software Program Manager in multinational companies. He has followed the development of strategic software products, adopting agile and lean methodologies. Formerly a researcher at the Department of Information Engineering and a member of the Centre for the Study of Complex Systems at the University of Siena. He has collaborated with Italian and foreign research centres, participating in projects funded by framework programmes of the European Union on issues of sustainability and management of environmental systems.

Cristina Agostinelli

Master's Degree in Political Science and Decision Making, Communication and Political Consultancy from the University of Florence. A collaborator of youth sports training centres, she deals with research activities of Community funds, Euro-design and the design of proposals for access to funding from direct EU funds. She has always been involved in civic participation projects in support of youth activities, particularly with reference to primary school and pre-school.

Alessia Rossi

PhD in Biological and Molecular Sciences. Second Level Master's in Sustainable Blue Growth and Innovation Manager qualified at MISE . She has experience in coordinating as project manager of projects on sustainable tourism developing value chains in the hospitality sector.